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The Amazing Spider-Man is an action and adventure video game based on the movie with the same name in which you have to wield Spiderman's outfit in order to face off against a multitude of threats and dangers that try to take out New York City.

The game is divided into 25 phases, each of which destributed into 5 districts of the world famous American city (Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier, and Residential), in which you can move around freely while balancing yourself from one building to another and fighting an army of enemies that cross your path.

The combat system, possibly one of the most conceived aspects of the game, lets you beat up thugs hand-to-hand using an elaborated combo system, but also you'll be able to fight using certain ranged attacks thanks to your spider webs.

Visually, The Amazing Spider-Man is an impressive game -just like the majority of Gamelofts' titles- that releases game after game that outdo one another by offering graphical aspects in a way more similar to consoles rather than laptops and desktops.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an excellent action and adventure game with a precise control system and is perfectly adapted to touch screen devices and iOS devices.
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